Stay focused & productive while hustling online

Ikizen blocks distracting websites with motivational messages and replaces the new tab page with your custom productivity dashboard. Built for web-first entrepreneurs and makers with bold dreams that set the soul on fire.

Benefits & features

As an entrepreneur or maker, you spend a lot of time in your browser. Ikizen Tab will take your in-browser productivity game to the next level.

Maximize productivity with a personalized dashboard

Transform your new tab into a command center for productivity. With customizable widgets that track daily habits, tasks, and inspirations, you're not just opening a tab; you're stepping into a workspace tailored to keep you focused and driven. Every new tab is a fresh opportunity to align with your goals.

Stay motivated and on-track with inspirational images and quotes

Block distracting websites with motivational images and messages that fuel your ambition and put you back on the right track. Your browser environment becomes a constant reminder of your goals, keeping the fire of motivation burning.


  • Change your new tab to a personalized productivity dashboard with widgets that help you stay focused and motivated
  • Block unwanted websites with motivational images and messages that remind you of your goals and push you back on track
  • Prevent naughty tabs from changing title and favicon to attract your attention
  • Integrate with your task manager to see your top tasks every time you open a new tab (launching with Todoist integration)
  • Set up your own inspiration or vision board with images and quotes that set your soul on fire
  • Draggable and resizable widgets to make it your own
  • Keep only the links that help you get stuff done to avoid dangerous distractions that regular new tabs usually have
  • Higlight your weekly / monthly / yearly goals with a simple goals widget
  • Track your daily habits / workouts / reading / etc with simple tracking widget
  • Integrate your favorite habit tracking app for even more powerful habit tracking (future milestone)
  • Improved search bar to access chatgpt, search and your productive links quickly (future milestone)
  • Stay mindful of how many tabs you have open (future milestone)
  • Configurable privacy mode for when in public or sharing screen (future milestone)
  • Themes and light mode (future milestone)

Pricing model

Use for free, forever. Pay for sync across browsers/devices and backing up your settings in the cloud. Everyone should be able to use Ikizen Tab for free to help as many people as possible. Project should be sustainable and not rely on selling your data or showing ads. Both lead to wrong incentives.

Why should you pay

  • You use multiple browsers and devices and want to have the same experience on every browser and device
  • You want to help make Ikizen better, faster

Mission: Elevate humanity

Ikizens mission is to elevate humanity by enhancing focus and motivation for entrepreneurs and makers. The world will be a better place when we have more productive and motivated entrepreneurs and makers vs. passive consumers. Ikizen will be building the tools to help them achieve that - starting with Ikizen Tab and expanding to other tools in the future.

Ikizen's name comes from a combination of Ikigai ("Reason for being") and Kaizen ("Change for better").